Boulder Cup, 2012, Kids

If you don't know, I LOVE taking photographs of kids. And when they're racing bikes, it's double love. These kids, and all those who raced in the Boulder Cup, are, to put it simply, rock-stars! Good for you, young peeps. And good on you Mom and Dad (and Grandparents) for getting your kids out there and just spending time with them. Whether you race or not, simply being there is what America needs more of right now.

And any of you pro racers out there reading, please follow in the footsteps of Georgia Gould, Nicole Duke, and Danny Summerhill (probably a lot more, I've seen Ryan Trebon, Ben Berden, and Jeremy Powers all being really cool with the youngsters) and be awesome role models. Whether you like it or not, if you're a pro racer, you're a role model. ACT LIKE ONE! These kids look up to you, they want heroes, and you're it. It's part of the deal. You have an awesome life, you get to ride your bike for a living. I know, you work your tails off to be able to do it. But with that life comes certain responsibilities. And that means being there, taking photos, signing autographs, cheering kids on, NOT DOPING, and generally being someone that these kids want to grow up and be.

We have a huge chance to turn cycling around, and it starts here. Thank you DBC Events, City of Boulder, all the other awesome race promoters out there, all you awesome Moms and Dads, and you wonderful pro racers!